Client Objectives

  • Identify areas in the current restaurant experience that can be improved
  • Identify touch points before, during and after ordering the meal
  • Identify key points ofr improvement
  • Provide output that can help them assess and align on what to do (strategic input) to kick start their restaurant UX improvement
  • Identify touch points before, during and after ordering the meal
  • Identify key points for improvement and opportunities to consider

User Research Methodologies Applied

  • Field Visit (Observation)
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Empathy Mapping


  • Evaluation of Current Restaurant Experience
  • Identification of points for Improvement
  • Identification of opportunities
  • Customer Personas
  • Report on Key Recommendations and Next Steps

What were the steps taken in achieving the design?

This is a different type of “design”. Unlike tangible design projects where an interface or a graphic can go through multiple revisions, this is an offline UX—essentially a service design.

In order to provide a solution of value, I wanted to make sure that I clearly understood where my client was coming from.

They understood there were points for improvement but did not know what to do or where to begin. The answer for me is clear: Go to your customers!

Observe what they do, how they enjoy the product, how long they stay, who they’re with and what they seem to enjoy. Any “service breakers” that could affect the overall experience. I then grouped my insights into proto-personas needing further validation and compiled recommendations applicable to the three main personas identified.

How was the user considered in developing the design?

This was an interesting client because they didn’t know who their users were! They said that they had “diverse customers” but didn’t particularly observe patterns to distill key customer groups. The key was to find these behavioral patterns, empathy map to deepen the understanding and review the different recommendations to ensure it caters to the 3 key personas identified.

How did you decide on the elements of your design in relation to your user?

Given that this project began with needs analysis, the idea here was to identify them first and then ensure that the different tactics to improve the experience were a fit to the needs, goals and frustrations of these identified personas.

Sample Output